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Querer (to want)

Singular Plural
Male Female
Yo quiero (I want) Nosotros queremos (we want) Nosotras queremos (we want)
Tú quieres (you want) Vosotros queréis (you want) Vosotras queréis (you want)
él quiere  (he wants Ellos quieren (they want)
Ella quiere (she wants) Ellas quieren (they want)
Vd./usted quiere

(You want) (respectfully)

Vds. quieren (you want)


llmar To call
Mandar To send
Que Who/which/what
Ayer Yesterday
Para In order to/to
Periodico Newspaper
Bolsillo Pocket/purse
Bastante enough
Peseta currency
Vender To sell
Escribir To write
ver To see
hermano Brother
Bastante Enough
Gastar To spend
Buscar To look for