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  • Not/No is placed before the verb/auxiliary verb.
Will you not buy some pencils? Not will buy you some pencils No comprará Vd. unos lápices?
I have not seen the knife. I not have seen the knife Yo no he visto el cuchilo
You have not written the letter. You not have written the letter. Vd. no ha escrito la carta.
  • When the present tense of haber is used in an interrogative sentence, the subject is generally placed after the past participle.
Have men arrived? Have arrived the men? Han llegado los hombres?
Have you spent your money? Have spent you your money? Han gastado Vds. su dinero?
Has he not found his books? Not has found he his books? No ha hallodo él su libros?
Has she bought any coffee? Has bought she any coffee? Ha comprador ella café?

“any” is generally not translated before any noun in Spanish.

Luego Shortly/Immediately
Bottela Bottle
Habitación Room
Vino Wine
Café Coffee (M)
Estación Station
Llegar To arrive
Con With
De Of/From
A To/At
En In
Plaza Square
Taza Cup
Hay There is/There are
Hoy Today
Comprar To buy


We shall buy the house in the sky Nosotros compraremos la casa en la ciudad
We buy the house Nosotros compramos la casa
I will speak to the friend and the girlfriend Yo hablaré al amigo y la amiga
I will take the train immediately Yo tomaré el tren luego
We shall arrive at Madrid today Nosotros llegaremos a Madrid hoy