Lesson 14: Translation Examples

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Spanish Lesson
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The generals have missed the train. Los generals han perdido el tren.
Have you seen to the soldiers who have arrived from Madrid? (Have seen you) Ha visto Vd. a lost soldados que ha llegado de Madrid
I have sold my books and I have enough money to buy two bottles of wine. Yo he vendido mis libros y yo tengo bastante dinero para comprar doce botellas de vino.
I have enough money to travel to Madrid Yo tengo bastante dinero para viajar a Madrid.
The woman has sent a letter to her son, who has a house in Madrid, with two rooms. La mujer ha mandado una carta a su hijo, que tiene una casa en Madrid, con doce habitaciónes.

I look/ I am looking is one and the same as far as translation is concerned.

I am looking for the newspaper, which John has lost. Yo busco el periodic, que ha perdido Juan.
Have you bought the watches? (Have bought you) Ha comprador Vd. los relojes?
Have they not sold their cars? (Not have sold they) No ha vendido ellos sus autómoviles?
The man wishes to call to his wife. El hombre quiere llemar a su mujer. (la mujer de él)
Have you seen to the uncle of the doctor? (Have seen you) Ha visto vd. al tío del medico?
Have you enough money in your pocket to buy apples? Tiene Vd. bastante dinero en sus bolsillo para comprar manzanas.

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