Lesson 2: Articles (the, a, an)

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Spanish Lesson
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Here comes the first difference between English and Spanish. In English articles does not vary with gender. In Spanish they do vary.

Definite article (The)

Singular Plural
el los
The man: el hombre The men: los hombres
la las
The woman: la mujer The women: las mujeres

We see here that articles change with masculine and feminine, singular and plural.
THE is signified by el, los, la, las in the above example.

Indefinite article (A, An)

Singular Plural
Uno Unos
a man: un hombre some men: unos hombres
Una Unas
a woman: una mujer some women: unas mujeres



a: to/at

A + el hombre

To the man

Al hombre

De: of/from

De + el hombre

Of the man

Del hombre

In is written as en in spanish.

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